Fairness for Injured Patients Act Initiative Launch

Shane Mosley
Shane Mosley

It’s time to adjust a compensation cap set on injured patients in 1975, by politicians, that has never been updated.

California is the most progressive state in the country but has the most regressive medical negligence laws. Support the 2020 ballot measure by voting YES in 2020.

Speakers at the Initiative Launch included:

  • Nick Rowley, Medical Negligence Survivor & Initiative Sponsor
  • Courtney Rowley, Author of ‘Trial By Woman’
  • Charles Johnson & mother Judge Glenda Hatchett, Medical Negligence Survivors
  • Bree and Nelson Moreno, Proponents & Medical Negligence Survivors
  • U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (Ret)
  • Shane Mosley & Trista Pisani, Medical Negligence Survivors
  • Christine Pelosi, Author ‘The Nancy Pelosi Way’
  • Scott Olsen, Proponent & Medical Negligence Survivor
  • Moderator: Jamie Court, President, Consumer Watchdog